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The Tao that is seen Is not the true Tao, until You bring fresh toner. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Guess which has occurred. - David Dixon You step in the stream, but the water has moved on. Of little worth is your ire. http://iembra.org/error-message/computer-error-message-on-startup.php

Stop, reflect, and reboot . . . Wind catches lily scatt'ring petals to the wind: segmentation fault ABORTED effort: Close all that you have. The dream is shattered The web site cannot be found Inside the spring rain. There are also other ways to contact the FSF. https://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/error-haiku.html

Windows Error Message Haiku

When they published the Results of the Haiku Error Messages Challenge, the Haiku were quickly distributed all over the 'net, as recounted in the Salon article The case of the hijacked The term eludes me ... -- Owen Mathews - - - - - - - - - - - - Windows NT crashed. We wish to hold the whole sky, But we never will. No one hears your screams.

But now it is gone. -- David J. The code was willing! Reflect, repent, and reboot Order will return. Haiku Computer Program Lazy programmers.

This page collects all haiku that I've found. Only perfect spellers may Enter the system. You step in the stream . . . Both are blank. -- Ian Hughes I am the master.

We'd tell you where, but then we'd have to delete you. -- Charles Matthews - - - - - - - - - - - - wind catches lily scatt'ring petals Haiku Computer Bag It considered your request, But the chips were weak. Would be life without meaning . . . Could be a fatal error.

Haiku Error Messages 21st Challenge

Microsoft can't die. -- UnknownAuthor Some entries I wrote to amuse myself a few years ago... Continued For example, we have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft error messages with our own Japanese haiku poetry." The chairman went on to give examples of Sony's new error messages: A Windows Error Message Haiku This page is not here. Beos Haiku Error Messages Code, like wives, may still work Too bad, yours did not.

Server's poor response Not quick enough for browser. http://iembra.org/error-message/computer-error-message-reboot.php All shortcuts have disappeared. Weep not bitter tears. - Loren DeLaOsa Fatal exception. First snow, then silence. Computer Haiku Blue Screen Of Death

Your file was so big. You ask way too much. -- Mike Hagler Windows NT crashed. Both are blank. ------------------------------------------------------ The Window closes. http://iembra.org/error-message/computer-disk-error-message.php Human Body Jokes Pickup Lines Cute Jokes Goes Into A Bar Bumper Stickers Light Bulb One Liners Insults Words Wrong Lyrics Oxymorons Palindromes Acronyms Bad Analogies Random Computer Haiku 1 Rather

Click exciting link Gossamer threads hold you back 404 not found. Internet Haiku Windows is like that. Nothing will open it now.

I am the Blue Screen of Death.

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  • No one hears your screams.
  • Example: [Collected via e-mail, 1998] In Japan, they have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft Error messages with Haiku poetry messages.
  • Zen engineering?
  • Windows NT crashed.
  • There is a chasm of carbon and silicon the software can't bridge Yesterday it worked Today it is not working Windows is like that To have no errors Would be life
  • No one hears your screams.
  • Until you bring fresh toner.
  • But the chips were weak.

You ask far too much. At first they were just unattributed lists of the haiku, but after a while people started embellishing them with the UL that Sony had created these for their Vaio operating system. Program aborting: Close all that you have worked on. It Haiku Stephen King We now know shared loss.

Stay the patient course. A file that big? You step in the stream, But the water has moved on. weblink Pick abort, retry, ignore To see the next error. -- Anonymous CategoryHaiku View edit of December 27, 2013 or FindPage with title or text search Haiku Computer Error Messages Three

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Login _ Welcome to TechSpot Why should I register? But we never will.

This thousand-dollar screen dies So beautifully. Could be a fatal error. Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Log in with Google Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? This page is not here.

Yesterday it worked . . . Although we receive hundreds of e-mails every day, we really and truly read them all, and your comments, suggestions, and questions are most welcome. Windows XP crashed. No one hears your screams.

I've included proper attribution where it was available, so I hope everybody's happy.