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Plus, from a visual rather than a security standpoint, who wants to see a big ol' nasty MySQL error when something goes wrong? Binding also work with arrays, which will be transformed to IN sets: $sql = "SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE id IN ? It's the first function you see. Linked 0 Codeigniter: How to handle database error? 0 Can't catch my mysql errors 1 MySql join query is working on local server but not working on live server 0 Codeigniter3: http://iembra.org/error-handling/codeigniter-database-error-handling.php

Capture the error And another forum comment explains that you can catch the error using this method: $error = $this->db->_error_message(); 3. Does insert only db access offer any additional security Proving the regularity of a certain language What does Billy Beane mean by "Yankees are paying half your salary"? Arguments for the golden ratio making things more aesthetically pleasing How can the film of 'World War Z' claim to be based on the book? I'm about to automate myself out of a job. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7843406/codeigniter-how-to-catch-db-errors

Codeigniter Try Catch Database Error

Browse other questions tagged codeigniter debugging or ask your own question. Theoretically, could there be different types of protons and electrons? AND status = ? Last but not least, Sparkplug, which was inspired by Rails, is just one file and may be easy to implement, but it looks like the Sparkplug.php file is just a template

Thank you anyway. Does insert only db access offer any additional security Time waste of execv() and fork() How will the z-buffers have the same values even if polygons are sent in different order? Why not put in a nice redirect to a helpful landing page (or a helpful 404) ? Codeigniter Try Catch Mathematics TA who is a harsh grader and is frustrated by sloppy work and students wanting extra points without work.

I enjoy making clean, functional, and detail-oriented websites using the latest HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP. Labels php (69) Codeigniter (64) Jquery (31) mysql (18) Ajax (8) array (7) active records (6) bootstrap (6) javascript (6) cURL (5) caching (4) google adwords api (4) cronjob (2) NoSQL log_message($level, $message)¶ Parameters: $level (string) - Log level: ‘error', ‘debug' or ‘info' $message (string) - Message to log Return type:void This function lets you write messages to your log files. How to use find in set mysql function in Codeigniter active records?

I need log all these error into logentries.com Comments are closed. Codeigniter Error Handling Lately I've been working a lot with WordPress, jQuery, and SASS. show_404($page = '', $log_error = TRUE)¶ Parameters: $page (string) - URI string $log_error (bool) - Whether to log the error Return type:void This function will display the 404 error message supplied My home PC has been infected by a virus!

Codeigniter Db Error Message

It will display blank page if any database error will occur instead of displaying any kind of database table name or error on site. $db['default']['db_debug'] = FALSE; You can easily redirect Also, there is a great thread on StackOverflow that compares the auth libraries. Codeigniter Try Catch Database Error If the function in your controller requires a parameter, and then queries the database, wrap it in a conditional to make sure the passed parameter is set, and in the right Codeigniter Query Error Handling Below is an example $this->form_validation->set_rules('name', 'Name', 'is_unique[table_name.Name]'); Then just set a custom message referencing the is_unique validation like below $this->form_validation->set_message('is_unique', 'Name already exists'); share|improve this answer edited Dec 28 '15 at

How To Perform Multiple Tags Search Query using PH... http://iembra.org/error-handling/codeigniter-query-error-handling.php I was very upset andfrustratedwhen I couldn't find any goo... CodeIgniter @ BCIT CodeIgniter Forums CodeIgniter Documentation About Our Team Careers Trademark Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Service Contact Us Please review our Support F.A.Q. For example, if a required field is empty you may do the following: if (!$this->input->post('name')) { throw new Exception('Name is a required field'); } Yet, we have another problem. Codeigniter Active Record Error Handling

Who is the driver in your team? up vote 0 down vote favorite I'm creating a web application using codeigniter and postgresql. September 4th, 2013 | Link tim peterson says: Thanks for this! my review here You browse a list of designers and their portfolio, so you can find the exact style you’re looking for, at a fixed (and affordable) price. —Josh Comments on this Article May

Likewise, iScaffold is a beast and looks very difficult to implement. Codeigniter Error Handling Example These values are defined in application/config/constants.php. Hackers sometime search Google for pages that have been indexed with MySQL errors on them.

Karthi says: December 23, 2015 at 11:02 am But these code dont work..

If $status_code is less than 100, the HTTP status code will be set to 500, and the exit status code will be set to $status_code + EXIT__AUTO_MIN. up vote 36 down vote favorite 6 Is there a way to make CI throw an exception when it encounters a DB error instead of displaying a message like: A Database In an environment now saturated with PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter was for a long time the only solid choice for a developer who lived in the real world of shared hosting accounts Call To Undefined Method Ci_db_mysql_driver::_error_message() Instead of E_ALL, you can change it to any of the predefined error constant that PHP understands to suit your needs.

Safe to insert. Query Bindings¶ Bindings enable you to simplify your query syntax by letting the system put the queries together for you. This is a trick I used without touching the CI db classes. get redirected here This kind of checking is fairly normal.

This place is to share what i learn, and build during my work. Purcell Freelance Web Developer Menu Close Skip to content Web Development Services Website Portfolio About Dev Blog Hire Me Launching a Codeigniter Site: 3 Steps to Disable Database Errors May 5th, Now, three quick things to note about what the autoload function is doing: Classes beginning with 'CI' and the 'subclass_prefix' are ignored because we don't want to mess with the core