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Cmap Error Code Definition


PIN_ERR_BAD_POID_TYPE 14 BRM encountered an erroneous object type. Some BRM routines use this error code to indicate that the routine was successful. The value for the parameter is set to "true" by default. Can I install a third-party SSL certificate, such as one by Thawte or Verisign, into the bundled Web server that comes with the CmapServer..." Now the bundled Web server that comes useful reference

PIN_ERR_NO_SOCKET 8 BRM could not create a socket. System-dependent functions. Wraps buffered (FILE) and unbuffered (fp) access. PIN_ERR_DETAILED_ERR 83 A detailed error message uses an enhanced buffer (errbuf). https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16754_01/doc.75/e16719/adm_error_reference.htm

Brm Error Codes

If the serverconfig.txt file is missing from a v4.08 CmapServer installation, the server will now report a meaningful error message in the cmapserver0.log that includes the absolute path where the CmapServer Help keep Cmap software free. I have been getting the error that the compiler can't convert my CSearchItem objects to a long for the hashing function:g:applicationsvisual studiovc98mfcincludeafxtempl.h(129) : error C2440: 'type cast' : cannot convert from CmapServer v5.03.03 – Oct 15, 2009 This version fixes the bad webserver (Tomcat) configuration file web.xml which was distributed in the previous version.

PIN_ERR_XAER_PROTO 124 An XA transaction protocol error has occurred; a routine was started in an improper context. The Concept Map search mechanism makes use of the topological taxonomy of the Cmaps to rank the search results. CSYM Extensive spacegroup information is held in a flat file syminfo.lib. The function which is invalid in the present color-space was invoked. 32 HPDF_INVALID_COMPRESSION_MODE 0x1021 Invalid value was set when invoking HPDF_SetCommpressionMode(). 33 HPDF_INVALID_DATE_TIME 0x1022 An invalid date-time value was set. 34

The connection between the user's client and the server is reestablished. PIN_ERR_SERVICE_LOCKED 121 This error code is used by SOX. The latter might (and actually do) change in forthcoming FreeType versions. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/241020 Finalization and cleanup Do not forget to invoke HPDF_Free() in any case.

Naming conventions Fortran interface must of course follow existing naming. The consistency of the data was lost. 69 0x1046 70 0x1047 71 0x1048 72 HPDF_PAGES_MISSING_KIDS_ENTRY 0x1049 Internal error. In practice, we have: CMTZ Prefix "Mtz" for new functions, and "ccp4_lr" etc. Updated and extended the http-based API for communications of other programs with the CmapServer.


The error was detected before the requested operation was performed, so no data in the database has been changed. https://www.freetype.org/freetype2/docs/reference/ft2-error_code_values.html PIN_ERR_PARTIAL 47 When sending a batch of transactions to the credit card Data Managers, some of the credit cards were processed, but others were not. Brm Error Codes PIN_ERR_TOO_MANY_LOGIN _REDIRECTS 59 Too many connect login redirects from the CMMP. Oracle Support PIN_ERR_BAD_ENC_SCHEME 116 The MD5 encryption scheme is configured; however, the AES encryption library is being used.

Logical breakdown of file into header, symops, sections, rows, and data. see here Keep In Touch We're constantly pushing forward, researching and developing new ideas. cmtzlib_f contains static arrays to link the Fortran MINDX to specific structures in memory. Unsupported font format. 45 HPDF_INVALID_FONTDEF_TYPE 0x102E Internal error.

Table 17-3 BRM Error Codes Error Code No. Many additional bug fixes... As a result, any other user who has priviledges to modify the Cmap and attempts to do so will be prompted for synchronous collaboration as expected. this page Also check the shmsize and bigsize values in the Data Manager configuration file (pin.conf).

Table 17-2 BRM Error Classes Error Class No. PIN_ERR_NULL_PTR 39 A routine could not get a value because it was set to ”null”. FT_Err_XXX /* generic errors */ FT_NOERRORDEF_( Ok, 0x00, "no error" ) FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Open_Resource, 0x01, "cannot open resource" ) FT_ERRORDEF_( Unknown_File_Format, 0x02, "unknown file format" ) FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_File_Format, 0x03, "broken file" )

Now the CmapServer is a Proxy DoP, which means that clients in the same network can now detect the Proxy DoP by broadcast allowing them to know what other Places are

Fixed a bug that deleted the last commit to a Discussion Thread. PIN_ERRLOC_PDO 17 An error occurred within the BRM data objects. ccp4_errno is externally visible. The transaction branch can be retried.

Added the server's version as a column in the main table. Either the client has the wrong locale or the data is corrupted. It just doesn't seem to want to let me redefine HashKey. http://iembra.org/error-code/code-26530-error-code-00011.php Try pinging the CM to verify the network connection.

CmapServer Release Notes CmapServer v6.04.01 - July 24, 2015 Minor update to provide support for installation under Windows 10. Opening very large Cmaps and resources stored in a CmapServer no longer fail to open in a browser due to socket timeouts on the web server. The new short URL format provides at least two benefits over the previous URL format, which produced URLs that were quite a bit longer than the new ones: 1. This error usually results from programming errors in custom applications and FMs, but the error might also result from a mismatch between a field and its corresponding field type.

PIN_ERR_XAER_RMERR 123 An XA transaction resource manager (JCA Resource Adapter) error occurred in the transaction branch. The machine or process might be overloaded and have reached a limit on socket/file descriptors. ccp4_errno.h defines error state ccp4_errno, so are separate from system errno. This allows for the automatic generation of HTML when a program other than CmapTools stores Cmaps in a CmapServer.

The response is left to the calling routines, except in FORTRAN wrappers). PIN_COMPARE_EQUAL 11 This code does not indicate an error.