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yeschecking whether we can locate the qmail-inject program... yeschecking sys/param.h presence... but... Reply to this comment Author : Ai-seea Aris (illlafi_at_yahoo.com.hk) poste le 15/07/2004 01:35 Comment :I think the same with the problem (Author : Userofqmail (chinzo_at_mongolbank.mn) poste le have a peek here

GNUchecking dependency style of gcc... WTH?) But still, the Queue thing... [ Parent | Reply to this comment ] # Re: A professional mail server with qmail and vpopmail Posted by arcanus (62.97.xx.xx) on Mon 18 I have qmail for big domains and my clients are happy and have no problems. yeschecking whether struct tm is in sys/time.h or time.h... http://notes.sagredo.eu/node/81

Vpopmail Commands

yeschecking for mkdir... yeschecking for strerror... I didn't try to figure out what its problem was, but I had the same problem on woody, sarge, and Mandriva.) Spam got through that shouldn't, folks got blocked for no

  1. http://sourceforge.net/projects/vpopmail Cheers, Tom Reply to this comment Author : joker45 (joker45_at_mail.de) poste le 07/01/2004 16:39 Comment :OK Thanks for your answer tom.
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  3. yeschecking for size_t...
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  5. Do you >> >> > > have it installed?
  6. Creating virtual domains and virtual users cd ~vpopmail/bin/ To add/delete a virtual domain ./vadddomain yourdomain.net [./vdeldomain yourdomain.net] To add/delete a virtual user ./vadduser [email protected] [./vdeluser [email protected]] To view information about user
  7. Yes, I know, I have already bug report on that.

yeschecking whether we are cross compiling... okchecking whether we can locate the qmail directory... Reply to this comment Author : joker45 (joker45_at_mail.de) poste le 17/01/2004 12:34 Comment :HI... Vpopmail Qmail Features Roaming Users Roaming users provides a non-SMTP_AUTH authentication system for allowing users with dynamic IPs to send mail through the server without allowing relay from non-authenticated users.

User vpopmail? What Is Vpopmail I have get this problem on the Woody Stable. Delete domain - vdeldomain() Remove a domain from the vpopmail+qmail system. http://qmailtoaster-list.qmailtoaster.narkive.com/8XMvMLe8/vpopmail-toaster-build-error Best Regards, Markus Reply to this comment Author : Sylvestre () poste le 10/01/2005 15:47 Comment :Well, I use root but I am sure that it will work with the vpopmail

yeschecking for putenv... Vpopmail Add Domain c.) try "mail " in your shell. yeschecking sys/param.h presence... yeschecking for getcwd...

What Is Vpopmail

I can compile it and install but ich have a new problem: grafix2k:/home/vpopmail/bin# ./vadddomain grafix2k.de Please enter password for postmaster: enter password again: qmail-newu: fatal: bad format in users/assign Error: (vadduser) https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg05044.html Paul Slootman Bug reopened, originator not changed. Vpopmail Commands I've followed the howto above.. Vpopmail Documentation dir: /home/vpopmail/domains/yourdomain.net/user quota: 104857600S These commands can be useful.

yeschecking whether we can locate the qmail-inject program... navigate here Do youhave it installed? Then run configure againnoconfigure: error: Could not compile and run even a trivial ANSI Cprogram - check CC.error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.81274 (%build)RPM build errors:Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.81274 (%build)error: yeschecking arpa/inet.h presence... Vpasswd

They can't be fixed without patching Qmail so extensively that it isn't Qmail any more. 3. You can get more details here: http://debian.iuculano.it So, let's go, in less than ten minutes we can have a full performant mail server! vconvert vconvert is used during conversions and migrations between different database methods. Check This Out This is missing here.

Great stuff. Vpopmail Postfix Use with -V to list accounts) -c (default, copy file) -h (use hard links) -s (use symbolic links) Notes The vpopbull command solves a number of problems with trying to mail So you used a former version?

debian:~# less /var/log/syslog debian:~# telnet localhost 25 Trying

An MTA designed for modern times (Postfix, Sendmail, Exim...) will connect once, present the 500 addresses, and send the message once. Any ideas? yeschecking for strspn... Vmoduser yeschecking vpopmail configure options...

You need JavaScript enabled to view it :711 in 1.3 seconds, 934 bytes. I also noticed that using the --disable-clear-passwd flag the change password mechanism is broken at least on version 5.4.33 (comments are welcome) --enable-sql-logging Maintain the vlog table in MySQL (shows failed yeschecking sys/param.h usability... this contact form However when a system is under high load it may cause a problem with vpopmail showing the "vmysql: sql error[3] MySQL server has gone away" or no error at all.

Vpopmail From Qmailwiki Jump to: navigation, search Contents 1 About 2 Features 2.1 Roaming Users 3 Where do I get vpopmail? 4 Installing vpopmail 4.1 Getting started 4.2 Configuring vpopmail 4.2.1 If you have 500 Yahoo addresses on a Mailman list, Qmail will connect to Yahoo and send the same exact message 500 times. Thanks Reply to this comment Author : Manish (manish_2479_at_yahoo.com) poste le 31/08/2004 09:40 Comment : i am using Redhat linux version 7.1 well and i am also getting authlib error I'm using maildrop 1.7 FYI, that error is mentioned in the maildrop FAQ but it tells you to refer to another question's answer to know what to do.

If someonecould tell me what needs to be set for the user and the group -wholePost by Roxanne SandesaraPost by Fernando Azevedocommand lines would be nice, but I can puzzle it This server must declare your IP adress to accept a connection from you. Declaration int vdeluser( char *user, char *domain ) Usage Removes an entry from the authentication module's database, and removes all user data. yeschecking for mkdir...

Declaration int vdeldomain( char *domain ) Usage Passing the domain option will update the qmail control/rcpthosts, control/virtualdomains, users/assign, as well as updating the authentication module.